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The history of Rainhill Farm dates back to the early 1900's. Every piece of Rainhill land and building has a historic connection and a great many stories to be told about it. Ironically The Chapel was built exactly the same as The Big Lounge, using the same wattle and daub style. Back in the day Rainhill Farm used to be an orange farm where they used to sell the oranges as is. In the 1930's came the Great Depression, a time when people had no money and work. The farm owners, then the McGregors, decided to make marmalade with the oranges. Look through our wonderful galleries for some of the pictures of the past including the original advert used to sell the marmalade. Included are also pictures of the jars and caps used in the bottling process as well as the original letter from a meteorologist dated 1914 declaring Rainhill Farm an official weather station.