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At Rainhill Farm it has always been important to preserve our heritage, seen clearly in Hartley's Restaurant.

Hartley's Restaurant comprises of two seperate historical buildings, both originally built circa 1940

* The Milk Shed is the SMOKING AREA AND PUB and is in the original farm milking shed, with the original poles that seperated the cows at milking time, still in place. This section, with its thatch roof and open fireplace for winter, is very cosy and informal.

* The Pack House is the NON-SMOKING AREA and is in a building which was recently re-built on the foundation of the original farm pack house. This double storey building, with a loft has a cast iron stove for heat in the winter and huge doors which open in summer onto the lovely gardens. It has a slightly more formal feel about it.

Both these restaurants offer the same exquisite menu and wine list, with something to suit any plate. The prices are also reasonable, making it the perfect venue to visit regularly with your whole family. Mark Hartley is your hosts at Hartley's Pub and Restaurant.

The Milk Shed
"The Milk Shed" was once the milking parlour of Rainhill Farm. The original wooden stalls in the milking shed where the cows stood to be milked have been retained. All the rafters are also the originals, as are the massive Bluegum rafter supports along the walls.

The bar area was originally the calf pen and most of the benches were made of Silver oak and Jacaranda trees grown on the farm. The magnificent bar counter and two of the benches come from a huge Silver Oak that had to be felled to make way for the office. Hartley's Restaurant offers a relaxed, country atmosphere where you can enjoy good food and friendly service in the company of your friends.

The Milk Shed is the smoking area and pub of Hartley's Restaurant.

The Pack House

This intimate and formal restaurant was named after the building which originally stood on the current foundation. The Pack House was once, long ago, used as a store room for the orange harvest and eventually the famous Helen McGregor's Marmalade was packed and crated here to be sold both locally and abroad.

In decorating The Pack House restaurant, special care was taken to create a feeling of stepping back in history. Many original artefacts and photographs of the farm's early years fill the walls. The Pack House boasts rainfall records from 1914 to present day, tells the story of Helen McGregor's famous marmalade and depicts the buildings of the farmstead around the 1930's and 1940's.

The atmosphere of The Pack House is one of tranquility and formality, with fine wining and dining, to make a memorable evening out.

The Pack House is the non-smoking area of Hartley's Restaurant.

"One cannot think well, love well,
sleep well, Unless one has dined well."
Virginia Woolf - 1929